Our vision is to support all our members and partners grow their respective businesses and raise their net worth by establishing long-term relationships through TBC’s easily accessible business networking events that will flourish and yield into qualifiable revenue increments.


Our mission is to provide our members and guests with a no-hassle, no-hidden-agenda approach, and a comfortable social environment where stakeholders – members, colleagues, partners, sponsors and guests – can maximize the endless possibilities of TBC’s business-infused networking events.

3Rs Philosophy

3Rs – Relationships that are build meaningfully, Referrals that are fit for various types of industries, and Revenue increments year-on-year are TBC’s driving force to deliver value-centric, impactful networking events.


Conduct consistent outstanding networking events that will be of excellent value to our clients

Focus on our clients' needs by providing high-quality networking opportunities catered to all kinds of career backgrounds

Maintain a safe, secure, and healthy networking environment

Show adaptability on current trends.

Continuously improve networking events to meet clients' expectation and satisfaction.